Meet our new Operations Manager

Kelly explained that her role was similar to that of the former Area Manager, Tony Hodge, and she was
responsible for the 18 developments in the East Coast region.

Kelly Worgan
Kelly Worgan
Operations Manager

She said I have only been appointed to the job four days before and would need to recruit a replacement for
herself as house manager at McCarthy Stone’s Cottingham development before throwing herself fully into
her new role. She also intends to be on site regularly, at least monthly but probably more often than that.
Kelly gave a brief update on her background. She has been with McCarthy Stone for nearly eight years, as
house manager at a number of developments in the local area. She lives in Rawcliffe, between Snaith and
Kelly began by apologising for things that had happened in the past – a turnover of managers, promises
made and not fulfilled – but said she was a very proactive person and wanted to move forward. “I’m looking
to a brighter, positive future.”
She said her role was managing the house managers so the route for any issues should be through Peter,
who would pass it on to her. In the event of Peter not being available Kelly can be contacted by email on
Issues raised at the meeting were:
The budget – particularly charges for the bungalows. Kelly said she would arrange a meeting to discuss
budget issues once she has familiarised herself with how our particular budgets work.
The heating systems I can’t get any trainers in for a while, customer services are backed up ‘ because of
covid’ so.. Peter will be arranging a day or 2 to take groups of home owners around an apartment and
provide a full induction that should have already been done but sadly wasn’t for some. All the equipment in
the apartment will be shown and queries resolved.
Sickness cover for the house manager – Kelly gave assurances that she would arrange sickness cover
with either another house manager or herself.
Kelly was also asked if McCarthy Stone would contribute to our Christmas meal out and she agreed to look
into it.